Saturday, 15 September 2007

Episode 32: Self Assessment

No, despite the title of this post, this is not about the Ass again. Yesterday I wrote about a set of resolutions I had taken and here is an anlysis of how I have been so far on those:

- no going out to with Le Poulet: Resolution kept, pat on the back for me
- no more Big Drinking: Resolution half kept. Went out to an exapt drinks event last night and had barely eaten anything all day so the alcohol did hit my veins, but I think I did not drink THAT much, so it's half a point there.
- no more swapping mobile strangers when out in bars/clubs: Errr yeah, about that one. I did get two new numbers yesterday, DAMN IT I am addicted to phone number swapping. Are there any AA-type groups for this? Mobile Phone Number Swappers Anonymous?
- meet more people: yes, yesterdays expat drinks were exactly the right way for this. I think there are a couple of people I will see again, I might even invite a whole bunch of them to my moving-in party in a few weeks. Wuuuhhuuhhh, hello social life.
- no more feeling sorry for myself: half a point there. I did burst into tears in the middle of the street yesterday afternoon while going about some admin business, mainly because I was upset about the Clubbing Fiasco and also because having (minor) difficulties at work. But then I got back into Strong Woman mode. That is, until the evening when I told my life story to 3 people in the expat drinks. So I add one more resolution:
- no telling of life story to total strangers!

Score: 3/6. Could do better but still not bad for a rookie in town.
Next assessment will be after the week end.. (uhhooohh, might prove to be difficult to improve the score given the outings that are lined up :)


Cosima said...

You are doing much better than me. Have a wonderful weekend, despite the terrible air and humidity.

David et Laurent said...

Merci Evie pour laisser si souvent des commentaires sur notre blog

Ça fait plaisir d'avoir une lectrice régulière

Evie said...

Cosima, indeed yesterday the air was so impressive! I hope you are doing OK..
David et Laurent - j'adore decouvrir la ville a travers votre humour :)