Monday, 17 December 2007

Four Christmas parties later

Now there are two of them. Both against me (basically if you are not with me you are against me and this is a clear case of the latter). Now that they are two, they are much stronger, better coordinated and more powerful in their quest to Bring Me Down.

They are my arch enemies.

They are known as: The Ass and The Liver.

The Ass is an old usual suspect. We had a truce for a while, I tried to pactise with it and work constructively towards something. But then the relationship broke down, and the Ass started to be more and more friends with The Liver, and now they are strong, oh they are powerful, they are mighty. These last few days have given them many opportunities to exercise their strength against me.

The Liver is the one that worries me the most, as an excess of food in the Ass can be exercised off, but excesses of drinking and making a fool of myself can not be erased. Fortunately there are no crispy stories to tell of me saying something to the boss, or flirting wildly with the colleagues. But sometimes I think I could have come quite close:

- on X-mas party night 1, I plucked up the courage to go and talk to the Muscular Dude at work. Turns out he is a lovely guy, and I was tempted to switch on Evie's Seduction Machine but fortunately recalled I was in a work-related environment (remembering the next morning the slurring attempts at flirting would have been mortifying) and instead I hope successfully came accross as the nice chatty colleague from across the hall.
- on X-mas party night 2, went clubbing with colleagues and Senior Boss. Behaved like a Proper Young Lady all night, despite the availability of booze.
- on X-mas party night 3, found out that Le Poulet was at a party next door to where I was. I was this close from going over there to tell him all the good that I thought about him. And then I thought it would be a good idea to text him to set up a meeting to tell him all the good that I thought about him. Fortunately did not put either plan into execution, would have been very mortified the next day if he had realised his ex was drunkedly thinking about him. Would have destroyed in seconds my active campaign of ignoring him in the past few months.
- on X-mas party night 4, cracked a few very dirty jokes at a table of nearly-strangers but these jokes were so good I think I carried them off very well, so all in all no damage was made.

Sheeesh, that was a tough few days of self control. Maybe next week, Christmas week, when I will be Abroad in a Country Where I Don't Know People I can let my hair down?.. Please?..

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