Thursday, 21 February 2008

Random collection of emails from today

From: Evie
To: B
Hi B,
So EXCITED, just bought my ticket to fly back to Europe this summer, will attend your wedding, wuuuuhh!!

From: Colleague
To: Evie
I fear we are not going to meet the deadline.

From: Boss
To: Evie
Are we going to meet the deadline?

From: Evie
To: Tom
Hi Tom,
Am going to be back in town this summer, we should catch up.
Incidentally, got a spare couch for me? Or a bed? Or your bed?

(This email was actually not sent, Tom is my crush from back home in London and the above email sent 5 months in advance of my trip would be a bit desperate no??)

From: Evie
To: Best Friend1; Best Friend2
Howdie? Am going to be in town in June/July, wuuuuuuuh. Can I test-drive that new couch of yours??
Miss you.

From: Evie
To: Fernando the Hot Beach Buddy (the one from the beach this summer, hmmm)
Hi Fernando!
I was back in Thailand last week end, went back to that night club again, it's still one of the best places on Earth :~)


Cosima said...

Dear Evie, I hope the weekend in Bangkok brought some much needed (judging from your emails and work schedule) recharging.

At least the weather seems to be getting nicer... sort of.

Charles said...

Evie, I am worried about you... I think you need an outlet more than Bangkok can provide. Forget about Cosima. Lately she has been listening to the birds.

Cinn said...

I think you should send that email to Tom. Who cares if it's early. haha

It should be fun catching up with friends this summer. I'm going back home to be in a wedding in August. We're wedding buddies! haha

Evie said...

Cosima - Indeed, it's an amazing feeling to leave the house in a lighter spring coat instead of the big winter one. The question is: for how much longer can we wear sexy leather boots?
Charles - Very sweet of you to worry, my blog friend :). Nothing to worry about though. I do hope all is well in the Charles world, it's been a while..
Cinn - Ah yes weddings of old friends you have not seen in a while, which means bumping into many other friends. You got that dress to impress them all? I am waiting to finish some more Ass management before getting mine.