Sunday, 10 February 2008

What were the odds?

Sometimes I worry that I will run out of stories to tell. But given the tendency I have to put myself in awful, ackward and embarassing situations I really don't know why I worry. There will always be a horribly cringe-worthy story to tell.. And here comes the daddy of all stories which will be hard to beat over the course of the year.

The other night I went out to a cultural event with some friends. These friends had some other friends also coming to the event, so all in all we ended up being a large group of people, most of whom I did not know.

The plan was to meet at a restaurant for a pre-event dinner, before heading there together. My friends were running late so I thought I was going to bite the bullet and just go there alone, even though I felt really shy not knowing anyone.

Now let me skip back a couple of months.. I went out clubbing once and ended up hooking up with this guy, let's call him Club Guy. That night I was more than a little bit tipsy, and the hook up was extremely silly and casual.. And also there was one fact that barely mattered at the time: that guy was not really available ie he had a serious girlfriend. I never saw him again or heard from him, and that was ok because it was one of those silly evenings..

Now, let's skip back time to my recent night out.. I turn up at this restaurant full of friends-of-friends I do not know, and who do I see sitting next to his girlfriend?? Yep, you have guessed, CLUB GUY!.. It was a horribly embarassing moment, I was desperately trying to act cool but the moment I recognised him my mind blanked and I can not really recall what I said or did.. I hope I pulled it off ok. We did not really speak to each other and I avoided all eye contact the whole night, but gooooshh.. I would be so bad at being someone's full time secret lover.

The really perverse thing though, that proves I do have a dark side after all, is that I felt a tiny weeny bit smug about the whole thing. After all my relationship with Le Poulet broke down because he was not ready to commit and have a Serious Relationship and rather preferred to have fun. Well in this case with Club Guy, I had become the element of Fun causing disruption in a Serious Relationship. It makes me feel bad but at the same time it felt like a revenge over the whole world.

I think I need to find a hobby like patchwork or something to avoid other machaivelistic thoughts like this, a bit freaky..

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