Monday, 3 March 2008

In Love

Ok ok ok. Ok. The title of the post is totally misleading. I am not in love at all (unless you have seen some pigs flying around the IFC2 tower lately?). But last week I went for drinks with my friend C, and she took me to one of those little bars in Wo On Lane, in the LKF area. The drinks were much needed after a very tough week for me, and a very stressful reunion with ex boyfriend for her. The moment the bartender guy spoke to us asking the wonderful words "what would you like to drink?" (I have heard those words before but they never sounded so beautiful) I was smitten.
Then I looked up and started to drown in the mysterious dark blue pool of his eyes. And then he smiled. At that point I think I peed a bit in my pants from the joy.

Er where was I? Ah yes, so I recommend this cosy little bar with rather, hum, nice staff. Initially I was surprised by the fact a male person is so mesmerising to me. But then I realised the explanation: the bar is listed in the Gay-Friendly Bars of HK. That was the only possible explanation: the first guy who actually touches me within my soul for the first time in centuries is most probably surely gay. Great. Stuff.


Cinn said...

Awww, no fun. I understand completely though. There was this one bartender I thought was totally cute and my friend thought so too, so she gave him my number (without me knowing) and he comes up to me and shows me MY number on a piece of paper and says "Maybe we can go look for guys together." I almost died.

Multifuncional said...

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Evie said...

Cinn, that's a really cute story though, sounds like the guy was a looker AND had a great sense of humour (what a waste :).