Saturday, 15 November 2008

Extracts from my phone's sms history in the past week

From C - To Evie
Welcome back to HK! How was Japan? Am about to jump into my flight to Europe, see you this week end when am back. X

From Evie - to C
Japan was fantastic! Spent a week walking around shrines in Kyoto, eating sushi, shopping, forgetting all the stress of work. The last WE stayed with my mate Alan, had a fab time chilling. I loved Tokyo, but it's made me realise how much I enjoy life in HK. Have a good trip and catch up this weeeeeek end.

From: George - To Evie:
Hello little miss, How was Japan? Free to catch up one of these nights?

From Evie - To Lucy:
Hi, did you buy those scales yet? Let's get started on our FITNESS PROGRAMME and shape our asses to incredible perfection! Btw, George texted me, am meeting him this WE for an erm, catch up. What am I doing??

From Lucy - to Evie:
Coach yes coach! I have got ithe scales and it's not a pretty result :(. Stop worrying about George, if you like "catching up" with him where is the harm in that?? Carpe Diem Evie..

From Evie - to George:
Hello Sir. It would be great to catch up. See you Sunday night at that Italian place, 9 pm?

From Evie - to NW Waxing Boutique
Hi, do you have a slot for me for Saturday afternoon please? Thanks, Evie.

From Evie - to Lucy, C
Hello Girls! We have survived another week, wuuuhhh. See you tonight at 10 pm at the Mes Amis bar in Wanchai. Then we'll head out to Central.

From C - to Evie
We are in. I sooo need a drink, my boss has been giving me more hell.

Later that night
From C - To Evie:
Where are you? I am outside, being chatted up by this incredible Cute Guy. A. Man. Talking. With. Me. :). Guess what? Just saw Eddie walk inside the bar!

Even later that night
From Evie - to Lucy
Sooooo, let's open the bets, will C score with Cute Guy?? Have a safe journey home, I am dead!

From Lucy - To Evie
I think she will ;-). And you missie, did a good job of ignoring Eddie. What a douche bag.

3 comments: said...

I like your blog.

Nicey said...

Playing catchup its always good to do ......

Evie said...

Nicey - Yes indeed, no complaints there.. But I am a girl so by nature will worry about it :)