Sunday 19 April 2009

A story

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was a girl. She was finishing university and thinking about the future. She had a boyfriend called The Sensible One. She liked him. In reality she did not love him, but she did not realise that at the time. One day The Sensible One asked if she would like to get engaged and she said yes. She could have easily committed to staying her life with him, which would have been a bad idea, but she did not realise that at the time.

But then the great Fate machine intervened.

A few months later, she got a phone call out of the blue, offering a job in another country. And suddenly, that opened her eyes. It made her take a long hard look into her heart, and she realised she did not love The Sensible One. So she took the new job in the new country, alone.

She loved her new life. The new country was exciting, she made some great friendships, loved her job, and enjoyed being single. One day, she met The Chicken One. She thought he was perfect, but he was not. She could have easily stayed many many years with him which would have been a mistake, but she did not realise that at the time.

But then the great Fate machine intervened.

Just as she was thinking she had found a natural soul mate with The Chicken One, something changed. He got an opportunity to move to Asia. They decided to move together, given she also had the possibility of continuing her career from there. Just as they were about to move, they had some serious discussions they had never had in all their years together. And she realised that her expectations were in total mismatch with his. She saw at last that staying with him was fun in the short term, but eventually would just be a neverending source of disappointment and tears. So she took the decision to leave him (but to nevertheless move to Asia).

It was the hardest decision she had ever taken. But slowly, she pulled through, picked her heart off the floor, and focused on discovering Asia, a source of excitement, adventures, fun. She loved it. She thought she had found her real home, which was not fully correct, but she did not realise that at the time.

But then the great Fate machine intervened.

One day, she lost her job. She was forced to do a lot of soul searching. She realised even though she deeply loved Asia, there were things in her life that were missing, both personal and professional. So she applied for the Perfect Job in Utopia. While waiting to hear back about the Perfect Job application, she started to get rather close with her friend The Atomic One, and realised she really really really liked him, and that she would have liked to give things a go with him. But he lived in Europe, and she was trying to move to Utopia, so how could things work out?

But then the great Fate machine intervened.

One day, the people from the Perfect Job called her and told her they could not give her the job in Utopia. But that they had another one for her in Europe. In the same city where lived The Atomic One.



Amber said...

Now that is a good story!

Charles said...

Wow, when do you leave?

Anonymous said...

No fate but what you make......

Evie said...

Amber - thanks, and it's just the beginning..
Charles - still working on it (how did you know I would say yes?? :)
Anon - yup, though sometimes I do feel like fate *is* taking control, I just read the signals

Evie said...
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