Monday 22 June 2009


2 years - That is how long ago I started this blog. I was in a dark confused state at the time, and just needed to let it all out. Blogging made a world of a difference, it forced me to analyse my feelings, as well as take a bit of mental distance form my life in order to be able to write about it.

23 months - 23 months ago I left Europe for Hong Kong. It was one of the hardest yet most exciting moves in my life. Hard because I was freshly broken hearted from my separation from Le Poulet (and moving in to the same city as him). I was starting a new job I felt was too challenging for me, working with a team that I felt (rightly so) was a bit dysfunctional. But at the same time I was excited, as I was taking 6 weeks off to travel Asia before starting the job. And my whole body and soul had been craving that kind of experience for years.

3 months - The time it took me to feel at home in Hong Kong. By then I had met C, was about to met Lucy, and things just felt good. I loved my flat, my city, my life. I was home.

6 weeks - Six weeks ago I gave back the keys of my flat to my landlady, and since have been living like a nomad, staying with friends or traveling.

1 week - The length of time I have been in London, my new home. In a few days I will move into my new flat and start my new job, a new life begins.


Nicey said...


Welcome home and in the smoke to - great, plenty of new friends ....
Keep the blog going hun I know that sometime sits hard work ;)


hkorbust said...

Will miss your musings and anecdotes about Le Poulet!

Lola said...

Good luck Evie! HK is losing another Francophile blogger but the UK is gaining one.
Bon courage a Londres