Saturday, 23 June 2007

Episode 10: Evie gets nostalgic

Ahhh London. It definitely tops my list of favorite things ever (with Artichoke, Beetroot, Salty Liquorice, Edinburgh, Helsinki, and people with a wonderful sense of humour).

Five years ago I arrived in this big city where I did not know a single saoul. Ok I lie, I knew one single saoul, a friend from school from when I was 10. I look fondly upon these past five years and notably:
- how young and inexperienced I was in my first and very new job. To which I arrived 1 hour late on the very first day, because the Northern underground line was shut down (anyone surprised here?) and I had no idea how to get from Clapham North to Liverpool Street
- the bunch of amazing friends I have made here. I am no fool, London is London and most of these people will eventually go back to where they come from, countries more or less far away. And in a way I am lucky to be one of the first to leave (it's less difficult!). I miss not seeing them as often in HK, but I am certain many will remain friends for life
- those nights at the Walkabout in Temple, where we danced like nobody was watching and lived like it was our last day on earth
- those July 14th evenings at the French Lycee, they were usually phenomenal
- those lazy strolls through Camden (including visits to the Russian tea toom in Chalk Farm), Covent Garden, the South Bank
- the time I moved into a new flatshare and got myself nearly thrown out a week later because we had a flat party and my friends were judged too loud and rude by the other flatmates
- the moments with Le Poulet, I will never look on them as a waste of time, but rather than living the present, enjoying it
- those house parties where we wore the silliest costumes on earth and danced our tits off
- the laughs, especially when going out for drinks, only drinking water, but indluging into so much silliness and giggling that we looked drunk to others.

There are many more, and I realise that many of thes emoments are the past, and that they should be enjoyed to the full when they occur, and remembered once they are past. I hope to get together an equally amazing life in my new city. But you know what? I am pretty sure I will , just a gut feeling.


hkocoon said...

Huuuum London, rollerblading in the empty City at week ends, drinking half pints of ciders with my best friend Billy, going bras dessus dessous to Notthing Hill mket with my little sister. Lots of nostalgy there for me but Hong Kong is such an amazing fun place, you will love it!! Just imagine, wearing only one layer of clothing all year long, going to the beach in less than one hour, going out and dancing every day if you want, working on saturdays morning;-)

Evie said...

Hmmm yes looking forward to that. The beachmoments-away sounds lovely. J'espere que pour toi c'est tous les samedis quand meme!!