Thursday, 28 June 2007

Episode 13: Evie fancies a sorbet

Well I have finished another book on relationships, the Between Boyfriends Book. Well a girl gotta indulge in as much silliness as a girl can to cope with life sometimes. And there is one concept that struck me as potentially useful: the concept of relationship sorbet. So you know when you go to a restaurant and have a sorbet between two courses to cleanse your palate? Well erm you can have a relationship sorbet to cleanse your errrm relationship past so that the last person you slept with is not your ex anymore.
Yes, many will judge it is a bit of a slutty concept, but in a way, it makes sense. Because obsessing about another person, even on a purely physical level, can actually do you good to Get Over Things.
Not something I would tomorrow, especially as girls are not as good as guys to envisage physical relationships on an un-emotional level, but it's still something that made me think.
On a totally unrelated but actually who am I kidding totally related subject, went out for a drink with Tom again tonight. He definitely pushes my buttons and I do feel electricity in the air between us, maybe because he can see beyond my usual facade of me-ness.. He knows I am leaving soon and even though he does not show any signs of being serious, (definitely not into-me-boyfriend-material) I do like to think we may have a sorbet together one of these days. But only if he crosses the "friendship"-line first, because I am so not ready to lead, although I may be able to follow.
Writing this makes me realise how it is not like me to think like this, you see I am the archetypical Good Girl who does Good Things all the time. So even thinking of semi-casual sex is like wayyy beyond the usual me, but then maybe sometimes there are times in life when going further than the usual boundaries are necessary to understand oneself better. We shall see. Maybe I am just high on a night that went well, maybe I am on to something, time will tell.

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