Friday, 29 June 2007

Episode 14: the alpha male

Tonight I went out on a client entertainement event with work, the aim being to learn more about the business and its client base, blah blahblah very boring yes. There was a whole big number of us and I ended up sitting next to the Alpha male. This was quite interesting from a society-study point of view, as I realised the role of the Alpha male in society is to provide amusement to the society while flirting outageously with anything that wears a skirt. Also it made me realise that the Alpha male is so not my kind of thing.
First of all he looks like Ken from Ken and Barbie.
Second, all he talks about is his precious little life, and all the stuff he has done like bungie jumping and which is SO COOL and dont we wish we were him.
Third, he puts on the show of the evening, doing crazy-funny stuff with food and serving himself champagne without offering to his neighbours (me).
Basically, just the kind of jerk that makes me fell uncool and crap, whereas he should be lucky I even listened to 40% of the bullshit he was spinning. And yes I may not be a 1m85 super model with long legs, but I know I am fun to be around and it pisses me off to be upset abut being around that type of prick.
Anyway, let's breathe in, out, in, out, and relax. It's Friday soon!!


Charles in HK said...

Deep breath now... maybe Alpha male is an alien... or he should be fed to the aliens. Big plans for the long weekend?

Evie said...

Def alien food :). Unfortunately it is not long WE here in London where I am currently but, BUT, even a normal WE is welcome to simply chill in the rain.. Plus am doing something unconventional I will write about soon, tin tin tin suspense. Enjoy your (long) WE too!