Saturday, 30 June 2007

Episode 15: Oooops I did it again

I think I am turning into Britney Spears.

Seriously, the symptoms are worrying close:

- I shaved all my hair off. Ok ok not quite all of it, but I did have one of those "New life, new haircut" moments and went to the hairdressers a few weeks back and told them to Chop It All Off Please, which resulted in a nice pixy-style haircut, a nice change from my usual medium-length bob.
- I need rehab. Ok ok here as well a slight exageration, I did get a liiiiitle bit tipsy last night, which is where the Alpha-male rant in Episode 14 comes from.
- I can't get over my ex, Kevin Federline. Ok ok, my ex is not Kevin but a bloke called Le Poulet, but am with Britney on this one.
- I drove a car with a baby on my lap. Naaaaaah this is a joke.

But anyway, the morals of my Britney-sation are:

1. I shall continue the short haircut trend, me like it.
2. I am forbidden from posting on the blog if more than a little bit tipsy. God forbid had I given out some real names.
3. I shall not get medium-well-done tipsy on a school night because gagging from (hangover) nausea in the work elevator which goes up several floors up at high speed at 7 am is Not Fun. (those elevators do give a funny sensation in the belly)
4. I need to find the cause of the anger that makes me post angry posts when drunk, it's not healthy for my Karma. I mean, getting mad about some stupid dude who sat next to me at a dinner, what is that about?? Should one not spend this energy on worthier causes?
5. I will really not drive a car with a baby on my lap.


lecram sinun said...

I myself gave up drunk blogging about a year and a half ago.

Evie said...

Hmm not only risky, but also not sure it's the best way to investigate one's hidden sides..

Charles in HK said...

I love the gummi bears - are they new? Haven't seen them before.

Tipsy blogging is way more fun... do tell, do tell!

Evie said...

Yup, the gummy bears are a new artistic expression of my colourful yet squidgy personality, thanks for noticing :).