Thursday, 14 June 2007

Episode 4: on drinking on a school night

Last night I went for a drink with my friend Tom. He is one of my living proofs that friendships between men and women are a bit of a fake. I have known him for many years and there has always been a little bit of electric something between us. Not Fatal Attraction sort of thing, but just a bit of general flirting. Until now I never thought about it as I was in a relationship for so long with Poulet, but yesterday I did feel that if I was to fall for someone in the distant future when I am over the breakup, it would be with someone like Tom:

- a bit older than me, meaning being able to have a more mature take on life
- interested in talking about "feelings" and "emotions" rather than dismissing them as obstacles to a fun carefree life.
- good at "coaching" me; there things we never discussede in my relationship with Poulet, like questioning why we do what we do and think about directions in life. For example I would like to be able to have challenging conversations on our careers for instance. Or my worries about how I related to people, that sort of thing. After all, if you are going to get to know someone on a very intimate level, these conversations are a way to understand the person in more depth. Also questioning and giving advice is one way of caring.
- being easy on the eye does not hurt :-)..

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