Friday, 15 June 2007

Episode 5: Thoughts on communication

Today I noticed how one of my colleagues, who is a woman, says hello to many people at work by giving the two-kiss-on-the-cheek (not the people she works with daily, rather those that she sees once in a while). It made me think how there is a huge difference between communication-at-work between men and women. For men it's easy they do the good old hand shake.
Women on the other hand have the choice of either shaking hands (and being stand offish if it's with people they work with quite regularly), not shake hands and do nothing (which was what I would do with colleagues whose country office I would visit once a month or so and whom I knew too well to shake hands with) or do the kiss on the cheek thing which does require a loooooot of confidence.

On a separate note, thank god it's Friday tomorrow! The party at my friend Manolo's house is a welcome week end present.

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