Saturday, 16 June 2007

Episode 6: TGIF

Mood: 7.5 / 10.
Manolo's party was lovely. It was a very European affair, meaning no excess drinking (so rare in London!), no loud music but rather a very tasteful background music of classics like David Bowie (which I must admit I did not recognise at all and thought the voice sounded like The Beatles, hey it's not my fault I was one generation behind to be an expert at Oldies but Goodies).
I don't always have the confidence to speak to many random peole, but today am pleased I spoke to nearly all the people present. As part of my 2007 resolutions (am I the only person in the world to still work on their resolutions 6 months after Jan 1st?), I have decided to work on my social skills and notably the very specific case of what I call the Indefinite-Chat Syndrome. The Indefinite-Chat Syndrome (ICS) happens at social gatherings, usually where you do not know so many people, when you strike up a conversation with one person and then feel it is ackward to move away to speak to some body else. This issue has been adressed in a book I am currently reading called How to Talk to Anyone, but many of their suggested tips I find debatable, for example saying "Well it was lovely meeting you" (I feel it still says "right ok we have spoken enough I want to talk to someone else more interesting now), or alternatively go for the old "Excuse me I need the bathroom" trick which is just too obvious. I need to find very subtle ways of making this seamless, but am still working on it. Tonight I did use the loo strategy, but only once, so am pleased at having been able to move seamlessly from one person to the next the rest of the time, without even having to think about it.
And now, it's time to sleep non stop for 48 hours. Or even about 10 would already be a nice start. Good night!

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