Sunday, 17 June 2007

Episode 7: Truth or Dare

So, I've been blogging for about a week now, I feel we are pretty close and thus ready for some more intimacy y'a know, so here is Naked Evie (no, not any pictures, just some facts about me):

1 - I absolutely adore salty liquorice (the scandinavian type)
2 - I lack a bit of self confidence in many aspects of life, but working on it
3- there is not a single couple still active in the family (if you look at my parents, their siblings, or my cousins)
4 - I had a bit of a shitty childhoood, which means I am not keen to get chidren of my own
5 - I am single
6 - but recently broke up from a long term relationship. The breakup was due to commitment issues from the other party
7 - I am scared yet very excited to sample singledom again
8 - due to cirumstances way too complex to explain here, I made the decision to move myself out to Hong Kong in September 2007
9 - I am a third culture kid, with no single-rooted roots
10 - I am scared yet excited to start a new life in Asia
11 - from the age of 0, I have never lived more than about 3 years in the same place
12- which means I have wonder lust
13 - I am very bad at remembering/telling the punch line in jokes
14 - I have blue eyes
15 - I can turn on the charm machine, I like to think, when is needed
16 - I wonder if happiness is a shallow goal
17 - I have very complex relationships with my family and see them as less as possible
18 - 2007 is the year I start a psychotherapy
19 - 2008 is the year I do a lot of self improvement on my personal culture front (classical music/ pop music, litterature, especially Russian, learning mandarin, learning about economic culture, cooking)
20 - In the last 10 years, I have been sinlge only for about a year.


hkocoon said...

I love salty spicy liquorice too, do you know the brand turkish pepper? I have a stock of it at home that is melting and sticking together because of the heat;-)

Evie said...

I love that stuff! If it's too sticky/melty to eat, I can suggest throwing it to macerate in a bottle of vodka for a week or so. The result is magnificent :)