Thursday, 12 July 2007

Episode 17: Kiss my eyes

This is how the world would be if everyone saw it through my eyes:

- everyone would always queue properly, like in England
- there would be no road rage
- people would genuinely fall in love all the time
- client enternaintement would be about getting to know the client as a person
- the people you meet and instantly hit of with under the influence of booze will remain friends when you see them again
- there would be no evil, everyone would be genuinely helpful, friendly, and honest. (it sounds naf I know, but that's how I like to see the world)
- cracking stupid jokes when among strangers / colleagues would be o.k.
- any form of chocolate would be healthy


Charles in HK said...

Yes, this is exactly the environment you are moving to in Hong Kong. You'll do just fine here but you might need a little more to drink! (To be truthful, the chocolate will make you LOSE weight!)

mindy said...

Wait, all forms of chocolate aren't healthy?


Cosima said...

I would love to live in your world.

Evie said...

If I have any more to drink than here in London I think I will die, especially those hangovers while riding in high speed elevators :)
Mindy I think Kit Kats are ok, does that help?
Cosima, yeah me too, the problem is when this world collides with the real one..

Lynnea said...

Keep up the good work.