Sunday, 22 July 2007

Episode 20: The Evie Tales - Part I

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Evie. She was in her early-to-mid twenties, and had just made a characteristically slightly mad decision to move to a new country, ditching her 1st serious long term relationship behind her.
The new life was not easy at first: she did not know anyone in town, she was not used to being single, and she was a little bit shy. But she persevered, pushed herself to go out there and make new friends, to take advantage of the new vibrant city she was living in, to accept to go to events where she did not know anyone and just come out of her shell.
It was sometimes really hard. One night, her second or third saturday night in the country, she went to Blockbusters to rent a movie and decided to buy 2 ice cream bars as there was a special 2-for-1 offer. When the video guy at the till asked her "Ah cool, having a nice DVD night with a good friend?" she nodded but then burst in tears outside of the shop, suddenly painfully aware of how alone she was.
But then, piece by piece, it all came together. She met some people, and then some more, and before she knew it, she had made a bunch of friends. They were a bit like her: they had come to the city for a reason (either looking for some form of new challenge or escaping from something back home; or both), just living life for the fun of it, and let's face it they were a bit mad too, so naturally hit it off really well all together.
The circle of friends grew more and more, and after a year Le Poulet made an entrance into Evie's life, at first disguised as a friend. This gave a new dimension to Evie's life, especially as there was a really interesting complementarity between their personalities.

To be continued...


Charles said...

All's well, you will make lots of friends. Hong Kong is a fun place. Just don't get lost whilst traveling for... five weeks did you say? Are you bringing the boat as instructed?

David et Laurent said...

Hi Evie
Here's David from Hong Kong Fou Fou
Thanks for being one of our site's great fan

My advice on ice creams is to taste the Dryers Cookies'n cream. You forget everything even you're on earth.

Hkocoon said...

Looking forward to la suite! Hope you can post while travelling, all is very exciting.

Evie said...

Yup, boat is on the way :)
David thanks for the ice-cream-trance-tip, I will make sure to sample it, so far my to-beat flavour is the blue ice cream from Baskin Robins..
HKC I will def try to keep posting about the trip, especially the Coping with Meeting Strangers...