Thursday, 13 September 2007

Episode 30: Fant-ASS-Tic

Hi this is Evie's Ass.

I thought I would give an update as Evie mentioned me a few months back, when we decided to have a new relationship. She used to really hate me and get annoyed by the fact I was following her every where. Then in May she decided to give me a new chance. She took me swimming, took me running. Things did improve for a while, she started to like me more and more.
Then our relationship lapsed again when Evie started to get closer to Moving, and life got stressful and hectic, so she had no time for me anymore. But then she took me travelling around South East Asia over the summer and that was amazing. Not only from the point of view of exotic places I saw (and the uncomfortable bus rides I was sat on) but we did rekindle the relationship because of all the walking and visiting and sweating. I think Evie started to like me more.
Now we have moved to Hong Kong and Evie is determined to make things work between us. She does not eat too much sugar because she knows it's bad for me. She has even signed me into a gym, and this week we have been working out together quite a lot.
I think her ultimate aim is to be proud of me. After all there is a lot of competition out there and we asses must be in good errr shape. At the moment she has not showed me to many people (and in any case when she did it was dark and in the sea :) but I know that Evie does worry about it in case she meets more-than-sorbet people she will want to impress. She is a bit insecure sometimes and I think feeling good about me will help her to be more confident.

Th'ASS all for now,

The Ass.

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