Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Episode 29: New beginnings

So, this is it, I have officially arrived in Hong Kong. God, this place has a vibe, I can feel it like an electric pulse inside me. For a few days now I have been waking up each morning with the first thought: "HOLY CR4P, I AM IN HONG KONG". And it feels good. Good because after waiting for months (felt like years) my life is taking a new turn. After theoricising, thinking, worrying, I can at last be here, live the new life, and see what I can make of it.

I have met up with all the people I know here, and in the coming days I am meeting friends of friends (from back home) whom I don't know, ie starting to build the Evie-network. I hope I find crazy people like in London. Or, god forbid, even crazier.

The thing I am trying to avoid though, is falling into the "I am an expat and so cool" category ie the people who live in Mid Levels (expat corner of HK), have Blackberries, only hang out with other expats and feel smug. The sad thing is, I really liked the flats I saw in the Mid Levels, I already have a Blackberry, the people I know are all expats, and I do feel terribly smug to be living this. HELP!

This week my aim is to accept that I am going to stay in HK for a while. Because the first week has been a bit of a shock where all I could think of is taking the first plane back to Thailand. Mainly because I feel travelling really opened up a piece of me I liked and because I don't really like my job (gasp!). I was visiting flats and thinking there was no way I was ready to sign a 2 year contract.. But this week is more optimistic, I am more positive about the job situation and the rest should fall in place. And maybe my sudden burst of positiveness is related to sorbet material but that is a story for another day.

And in how many places in the world can you be shopping at 10 pm for really beautiful yet super cheap shoes?? (which reminds me I have a message: once I get installed, get the Internet etc I promise pictures! New feature!!).

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