Saturday, 8 September 2007

Episode 28: Where Evie comes back

Well well well I am back in the civilisation, tall buildings, functioning public transport systems and warm showers. I must say arriving to Hong Kong after weeks of less developed places is a bit of a shock. Plus the getting back into work suit + high heels after weeks of dirty clothes and comfy sandals. Plus the return to the corporate rythm and way of thinking, after weeks of freedom, sometimes craziness. But I am coming back to all this with a little part in me which contains the Trip, as it has made me change my outlook on life.

And there is one element about my trip I have not told anyone about, which is meeting the secret love child of Antonio Banderas and Enrique Iglesias. I don't think many people know this, but they must have met and had a child together, and the reason I know this is because I have met him. Let's call him Fernando: tall, dark, muscular, and bearing the most charming Spanish accent. And I fell totally in lust with him.

We met at a beach party during my travels and I may have succeeded in going skinny dipping with him :) . But I was very reasonable and decided not to turn him into my relationship sorbet. Actually this is a total lie, the only reason we did not have an, erm, sorbet together, is because we lost our clothes on the beach and had to wait for the daylight to arrive before going anywhere, and then I had to jump into a bus to cross the border to my next destination.

It's one of those silly silly stories but it's the first time for years I felt a strong attraction for anyone else than LePoulet and this shows that I am increasingly Over the Relationship, which is the best thing that could happen these days. And I do like to keep this story to myself because 1) it's totally silly, to meet a beautiful Spanish sex-god on a beach and then make out for hours in the sea 2) it reminds me that now I have more freedom in my life and that I can be happy without my old one 3) it's a symbol of the fact I can go make decisions to go travelling like this any time I want.


Cosima said...

Welcome in HK!

Oh my... that sounds like you had the most tastiest sorbet ever...

Charles in HK said...

Welcome to Hong Kong... sounds like you had a terrific time on the beach. I gather then... no more symbolic dreams about Le Poulet?

Evie said...

Thanks for your welcome guys.. Yes Cosima, if only you could see the sorbet material live :-) (what do you mean that is sooo teenag-ey).
Charles, indeed no more dreams, but if I get more I will def write in.