Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Episode 27: Evie goes wild

Some Wild Things happening in life at the moment:
- Spent the morning in a hospital today following a malaria scare. Turns out I do NOT have malaria in the end (yayyyy) just a creepy flu (booooh)
- Am attempting to post on a Thai version of Blogger, it's really hard to remember what words are hidden behind the squiggles, a real Internet Adventure.
- I may have sort of accidentally, potentially, subtly found a Relationship Sorbet (remember how a normal sorbet cleanses your palate of your previous dish, well relationship sorbet is the same but it cleanses your old relationship. More about that later, I will need to analyse a bit more the situation..

Incidentally am meeting Le Poulet very shortly for the first time since we broke up. I was really dreading this until a few weeks ago but it seems since I had the baby dream I am much more cool about it, which probably does mean I have accepted the end of the relationship in the end. But maybe when I see LP again I will totally break down proving the theory wrong, time will tell.

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