Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Episode 35: And now for something completely different

I view myself as a bit of an intellectual. Ok an intellectual who does not do quantitative physics, does not go to 20 art exhibitions per month, nor to obcure art-house movie sessions. But nevertheless, I like to think of myself as someone who has higher preoccupations than Men and Sex.
However, lately, that is all that I have been writing about simply because it really has been been sitting there on my mind.
And hence I have a relationship-analysis curfew, no writing about men or dating or anything creepy like that until next week.

The other night I started my project of meeting friends of friends and went out for drinks with Blond Girl. I instantly took a liking to her because she is nice, funny, friendly, interesting and really pretty. We have a little bit similar stories, but in totally different stages of life as she has already been through her quarter life crisis, whereas I am in the middle of mine, but still, it's nice to have a girly chat with someone new.
Blond Girl is amazingly beautiful, and even though I am of a very envious nature, I felt that being that beautiful must be a bit of a curse. And I am not saying this in a bitter sense, it's actually the first time this type of thought occurs to me, usually I am just jealous like heck. Basically when you are this beautiful, everyone, everywhere, will want to talk to you: in a bar, when you are travelling, at the traffic lights waiting to cross the road. And surely some of this attention is totally un-genuine, maybe even malevolent. It means you really need to keep your head on the old shoulders to distinguish between well-intentioned people and the ones who are just talking to you for the beauty. Not speaking of all the unwanted male attention. And that is the thing I really liked about Blond Girl - it did not seem to make her arrogant or self-idealising. She managed to stay genuine.
I am definitely not a beauty in the classical sense. When I wake up in the morning with stand-up-in-the-air hair and a blotchy face I can be plain horrific. But I think I am pretty normal most of the time. Maybe I prefer to be myself whom people will like for me (my charm and wit rather than looks, harhar) rather that someone off-the-scale beautiful like Blond Girl who has to deal with so much superficial crap all day..


Charles in HK said...

Sounds different... have a great weekend.

Evie said...

Hope you are enjoying yours too. Exciting to have a typhoon alert today!!