Sunday, 23 September 2007

Episode 36: Cast of Characters

If my life ever gets made in a movie (well you never know, I think it's quite realistic and I should start planning a bit) the Cast would be something like this:

Evie - Helen Hunt. I was told I looked like her, once. I don't think it's true, because for one the person who said this was not particularly reliable, and for two, I think he got mixed up and meant Cameron Diaz. But ok I may have the same droopy eyelids like Helen, and also obviously the wit and charm.

Le Poulet - Let's see, let's chose someone horrendously ugly because we don't want to give him the pleasure of being represented by a hunk. Let's say the guy who plays in Notting Hill, not Hugh Grant but his flatmate, the one with long blond hair who runs around in his underpants. HA!

Evie's Mother - Lady Di. You may argue it's impossible because Lady Di is dead, but I would argue back that do you think this movie will realistically made one day? Didn't think so.

Evie's Sister - Sienna Miller. Because my little sister is gorgeous.

Evie's Father - Random actor, because insignificant and absent from my life.

Fernando The Hot Beach Buddy - Seeing that Fernando is the natural love child of Antonia Banderas with Enrique Iglesias, we could use either of them, whichever one is available for the duration of the movie shoot. Slight preference for Enrique though.

The Sorbet - Let's say Ben Affleck. But with sexy glasses, to give that extra intellectual look.

My gang of London girl friends - the 4 girls from Sex in the City. Because they are a very realistic portrayal of our looks, conversations, and lifestyles. (except for the minor fact that we don't look, talk or live like the SITC women, but that is detail).

Now gotta start working on the script.


Cosima said...

Is it going to be a Bond movie or a romantic comedy?

Evie said...

Hm I am thinking of a Bond-Rom-Com-Arthouse-Docu-Drama..

Charles in HK said...

Aren't you being unfair to Hugh Grant's flatmate? He ended up being a very sweet guy... I'm not sure Le Poulet is all that sweet.

How about the ugly looks + character of Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones Diary? Does that fit?