Thursday, 4 October 2007

Episode 38: Meeting the new neighbours

Life continues smoothly smoothly in Hong Kong. There is a minor conspiracy at the moment as the usual place where I go on the internet suddenly is not compatible with Blogger anymore, so for more regular posting am afraid we will need to wait till I get the Ass in gear and get myself an internet connection at home.

But anyway, I now have moved to a new flat aka Evie's Bachelorette Pad (yeah right, more like Evie Mess-a-Small-Box). The other night I put on my most flattering shopping outfit to get some groceries and on my way back ran into two neighbours. The first one, Stroppy Guy, looked, well stroppy. The kind to avoid eye contact and to sigh heavily like the whole world is resting on his shoulders. The second one, Tall Shy Guy, was yes, tall, and looked a bit more friendly and responded to my eye contact.

We all pressed our individual floor numbers, Stroppy Guy was first, with a floor number quite low in the building. I am certain there is a bit of an elitism going on in Hong Kong about floor numbers. The higher you go, the more expensive the flats, and thus the more cool points you get. I am sure in my previous temporary place I heard people sniggering when I pressed the 3rd floor button. But in the new flat I am super high up, so smugly I pressed my number. But then Tall Shy Guy actually had the cheek to live 7 floors above me, so pressed an even higher number. To lighten the atmosphere, I said "Ok you win". The aim being to lighten the mood in the elevator and give the ride a touch of humour. Well I did not get the right response at all to my entertainment attempts. Tall Shy Guy looked embarassed I even spoke to him, and just said "Errrr, thanks" (probably thinking FREAK!!). Stroppy Guy just totally kept on starting silently into space.

That went down like a ton of bricks then. And let me tell you, the uncomfortable silence you get in elevators is always bad, but in Hong Kong it's even worse given the length of the ride, especially after failed attempts at jokes.

Note to self: no more cracking jokes with strangers in attempts to befriend neighbours.


Cosima said...

Lol... stroppy and tall must get roles in your movie.

Thank you for the giggle!

Evie said...

Indeed, am thinking of Brad Pitt for stroppy, and the guy who plays the tall doctor in ER for tall.
Wish you had been in the elevator to help make the joke work!

lecram said...

Came by from Cosima's to check out these elevator stories. Very fun. Cheers!

Evie said...

Thanks for visiting Lecram! Hey did you not used to have one of those little profile pictures?