Thursday, 4 October 2007

Episode 39: On the fickleness of (some) men

Well my man-writing curfew is over, hooray.
I have been busy leading a very scientific empirical stochastic experiment. I have observed a random sample of men, and have formulated the following hypothesis: Men Are Fickle.

Observation 1: The Drunk Guy
I gave my phone number to a semi-sort-of-quite drunk guy whom I met at a hot dog stand at 3 am. He never called me. Fickle!

Observation 2: The Sorbet
Despite an intense connection on our one-night stand, he never called me back. Fickle!

Observation 3: Le Poulet
By definition: Fickle!

(Of course am not generalising and saying ALL men are fickle, am just saying all men that I get involved with are).


Charles in HK said...

We're not that fickle... well, maybe we are. Nah, we're not. Well, can I think about it? Maybe I don't need to think about it... um, yeah, probably should think about it.

Evie said...

You fickle you!!