Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Episode 44: Man-O-Lympics

Every morning I am guilty of putting all the men I cross on my path to work through the Man-O-Lympics going on in my head. Basically I will assess, classify, categorise, judge, appraise, consider, evaluate them all. The tall ones, the short ones, the local ones, the expat ones, the ugly ones the beautifull ones, the corporate ones the artist ones. Yes they will all automatically be entered into Evie's Mental Men-O-Lympics where I will give them grades, not on a scale from say 1 to 10, but rather on a subjectif level, ranging from "erm no way", to "hmmmmm nice" all the way to "Gold Medal".
It's absolutely ridiculous, a grown-up (ok more like semi-sort-of-grown up) like me checking out the men folk like this, like goods on offer on the market. But hey it's the benefit of new found singledom, I can build whole fantasy dating stories with each of them if I want to.
And nobody will know, ha!

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