Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Episode 43: Poet's corner

An old favourite comes to mind:

There she lay
Broken hearted
Tried to cry
But only farted

Always brings a smile on my face..


Cosima said...

:D So good... everytime.

Charles in HK said...

You two are ridiculous.

Evie, Michele Agnew plays a weekend comment game which is great for comment whores (or comment gigilos, as the case might, MIGHT be!) She has a large community of people who visit each other every weekend. I'll leave her url below... go visit her on Friday or during the weekend.

Charles said...

I am being bad, refering to Michele's friends like that... they are not comment whores but I probably am for thinking that of them. (DOH!)

Evie said...

Cosima - glad you enjoy and thanks for the support ;).
Charles - come on, you not a fan of quality poetry?? Will try michele this we..