Sunday, 14 October 2007

Episode 42: Ass-essment

It's been a long time since we've had a Life Ass-essement.
Let's see where we are with our Mid Years' Resolutions:

- Ass Taming: It's still there, it's still big, and it still follows me around, but my Ass is starting to be a little bit more like-able. If I actually stuck to my gymming resolutins better it would be faster, but progress still must be reported.. Target weight loss: 4 kg.
- no more swapping mobile phone numbers with strangers when out in bars/clubs: This one I have stuck to, though now I have a new hobby/addiction: Swapping Mobile Numbers with Strangers on Junk Boats. This is a better addiction as some of these phone numbers are then used for real
- meet more people: Thanks to the SWMNWSJB addiction depicted above, we are getting there.
- no more feeling sorry for myself: Most of the time, Success!!
- no telling of life story to total strangers: yeah this one it still slips out once in a while but is better under control.
- no going out with Le Poulet: I would rather be barbequeued alive on a cannibalistic island, so no temptation there.

Score: Let's say a 4.5 out of 6, an encouraging score which must be kept up.

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