Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Episode 41: The Gym Boobies

My recent readings of Ben's / Mindy's post.. have inspired me this theme..

In my attempt to start loving my Ass again, I have become a frequent flyer in my gym. The aim is to go at least 5 times a week (so obviously I only go sort of 3.5 times, which is still good).
When I jump into my shower after a looong work out, I always feel high on those happy gym chemicals running through my body. I emerge from the shower, fresh faced, feeling fit and happy and start to get dressed. Then I go to the make up parlour where all the girls sit there and do their hair and put their face on. It's all girly and fun.

But then, I see them, and my heart sinks. I feel suddenly really low. The reason? The Gym Boobies. Yes, this woman insists on sitting there in front of everyone doing her hair etc, and she is naked from the waist up. What the heck?? Why does she need to throw her breasts into our faces at such an unruly hour, I mean none of us have even had breakfast yet. Don't get me wrong, I am not shocked by seeing people naked (I should tell you one day about one of my exes whose family was Nudist), it's all normal and part of the gym, and myself don't bother covering up like a pre pubescent teenage girl when getting changed. But that is the thing, the aim is to get changed, you get naked and then get dressed. There something about the fact she just sits there displaying her bits (under lots of angles as there are lots of mirrors all over the place) that I find deeply disturbing.

And they are nowhere near as nice as mine any way.


Charles said...

I am not going to touch this one with a ten foot pole, but my dark sense of humour has all sorts of great ideas of things you could do...

Evie said...

Errrr, yeah I had never thought of taking action, maybe I should indeed..