Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Episode 48: Worries and Smiles

Ten things that currently worry me (in no particular order):
- will I fit all the guests in my upcoming party into my small flat?
- am I doing a good job at work?
- can I reverse the recent expanding trend of the Ass?
- am I too kind?
- the day I decide I am ready to let one of those Men folk into my life, will I find one in this city?
- am I going to be too old to do stuff soon and regret not having done more in my youth?
- should I have kids?
- is the spinning cycle in my washing machine supposed to be so loud?
- am I getting enough sleep?
- can one avoid office politics entirely?

Ten things that currently make me happy (in no particular order)
- my colleagues, they are bundles of fun
- the knowledge that I have good friends in my life
- dark chocolate with an orange filling
- the fact I have spent the last two weeks litterally living in airports, planes and posh hotels, makes me feel super glamourous
- having internet at home, at last
- planning my next few holidays
- planning my house party, including the sound tracks
- buying little silly gifts for my friends
- bonding with the boss
- buying silly-money make up (it's useless, but preeeeeeetty).

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