Thursday, 22 November 2007

Episode 49: At the Airport

So here I am standing in line for the X-Ray machine screening at the airport. (Is it really called an X ray machine? Is X ray not a totally science fiction word that should not exist in real life?). I have been lugging around stuff for weeks, from one airport to the next, from the airport to the hotel, all day in various meetings. The stuff consists in work materials, my luggage, and things I have been picking up on the way. I have not slept a lot, mainly due to the excitement of being in various exciting places, saying up late enjoying the five star hotel life, going out.
The day before, at airport A, I bought a bottle of booze in order to bring back to HK. That night, in the other airport (B), I am standing in the queue just day dreaming, then going through the motions of putting my stuff on the X-ray belt, going through the beeping gate. The airport agent speaks to me:
- Is this your bag miss?
(notice the "miss", ahhhh thank God for that, I am starting to get more and more Mrs these days which is not amusing!)
- Erm Yes Sir
- There seems to be a bottle of liquid
Shit, I had a bottle of Clarins moisturiser in there, in order to feed my skin a bit of hydrating bliss in the plane, and I had forgotten to put it in a plastic bag. I am sure this is what he means.
So I ramage through my bag, take out the bottle of booze, looking for the moisturiser. Uh oooohhh, bottle of what? BOOZE. And Guess What Evie, Booze counts as LIQUID.
I had totally forgotten that a bottle of alcohol is considered a potential threat to airline security these days.

This bottle that I had been carrying around for ages, weighing down on my poor muscles.
- But Sir, this is a very special bottle of spirits from airport A, please, I have been carrying it around for ages, is there any way I can keep it?
- I am sorry miss, the rules are very strict, I wish I could help but I really can't.

He was very kind about it, and it was only a stupid bottle of alcohol, but at that point I totally burst into tears. Just like that. Like a little kid who is told she can not have any ice cream any more. And what is worst, I cried like a baby all the way through waiting at the gate, boarding, and sitting down in the plane. So much for being an adult in theory.

The best was when my neighbour said:
- Yeah, me too the aircon in this country has given me the worst cold ever.

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