Monday, 26 November 2007

Week end Mix

So this week end was one of those perfect ones, where you come out at the other end thinking WUUHHUUHHH. I don't know if many people do that but on this Monday morning that is what I am doing, standing in my flat, listening to music, and saying Wuuuhhuuuhhhh.
Friday night I found myself with an unexpected visitor in my bed. No, this blog is not about to turn super vulgar: after the naked pictures, the sex. No fear of that, it is me we are talking about here. So, that night I went out with a group of friends and a few new faces. The evening ended quite late, and one of these new faces (let's call him the Young One) lived a long way away so we entered into a sleeping arrangement whereby he was allowed to stay at mine, in a pure friendly way. I did wonder wether to take advantage of the situation (hehehe) but decided that 1) he was too young 2) he seemed like a cool guy and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity of being friends. But it was odd, as it sort of reminded me what it was like to be in a couple again, brushing teeth with someone, chatting before falling alseep, quite eerie. He did state several times that it's a miracle I am single, given how great and cute I am. Seriously, he said that, which boosted my ego for the next seven centuries!!
Saturday is going to be the object of a separate post in order to give the lowdown on The Party. I did get hired as the official photographer of a rock band that night though. But more about that later.
Sunday was a Recover-from-hang0ver-and-all-about-me day. Also part of the evening was spent trying to analyse men with my friend C. It's when you think that you understand men that they behave in yet another odd manner that throws all your theories out of the window.

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