Monday, 26 November 2007

One more embarassment for the collection

So here I am on Saturday night, dancing away like a diva, yes seriously a diva (!). I am even standing up on the bar, because that is how dancing divas dance. Kylie beware Evie is the Next Kylie. I am swaying to the music, very cool and smooth. As I am standing next to the DJ deck I exchange a few words with the DJ, something very cool and smooth also like "hey mister DJ very cool music" to which he replies "thanks darling, you are so cool and smooth you know".
And at point realisation dawns like a cold glue trickling down my spine.
I am wearing a short short-ish skirt tonight. And I am standing on a high bar table. And I am bending down.
At that moment I feel a small tap on my thigh and look down. It's my friend looking at me with big round eyes and mouthing: EVIE YOU ARE SHOWING YOUR ASS TO THE WHOLE ROOM.


Well glad the Ass had its moment of glory after all that training at the gym.

But still.



Charles said...

Dancing at Carnegie's are we?

hkocoon said...

Hahaha, I'm laughing in front of my computer. Don't worry it could have been worse like falling from the bar and having your boss there as it happened to one of my good friend in the vodka bar.

Evie said...

Charles, not sure where Carnegie's is but if there is diva-style dancing on the tables am def going to check it out!! (wearing pants with HIGH waisband of course).
HKC, Haha, indeed, sounds AWFUL.. Something to bear in mind as the office christmas parties are coming up...

Charles in HK said...

Carnegie's is in Wanchai... reportedly one of the original places in HK to allow dancing on the bar!