Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Roller Coasters

It seems like I can never be in an even mood. I am always high high high where everything is GREAT, and I am feeling HAPPY, and everything will be OKAY. But then a few moments later I get doubts, life seems less rosy, everything is a source of worry.

I've been on a natural high all week end (does that not sound like a song?) and I just knew that the beginning of this week would be pay back time. After feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday just out of some sort of seed of loneliness, today I hit a bit of a low due to work related matters which put my whole being in the question. I felt rubbish, a fraud getting paid to do nothing etc etc. But then a few hours later, after having produced some productive output for the boss I felt top of the world again.

It freaks me out sometimes as I know the people who experience this at the extremes are sort of medically depressed. I know it's not my case, but still I think I need to work a bit on evening out my mood..

Maybe if I ate less chocolate late at night it would help..

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