Friday, 14 December 2007


Jealousy is the title of a song by my favorite DJ.
And also my state of mind.

You see, I organised a party a while ago and two of my friends hit it off very well. I am very happy for them as they are both attractive single people. But there is something about them going out together that bothered me. I think it's because that night I ended up being alone, dancing on the dance floor, and ending the night chatting to a bunch of strangers. It was a really fun night as I enjoyed the conversation with the stangers, but if I admit it to myself, I was feeling a bit bitter inside for being alone, once more.
The worst is that the girl - friend of mine told me she decided to blow off my guy-friend because she had too many things to focus on and another guy down the pipeline. It made me feel a bit sad inside me but am not sure why.

I think it's because we are approaching the end of the year and I am having some personal year end assessments.

This week end I have no less than 3 parties planned. These should bring a bit of holiday cheer, especially Sunday night when I am attending the biggest fattest x-mas dinner anyone has ever seen..

To be continued.

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