Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Text Files

Here we are, Claire, Julie and myself, sitting in a cafe in an exotic city we are exploring for the week end. A real girl's week end away, and as such according to tradition we spend a lot of time discussing men. Especially the latest developements in Claire's recent date with Fit Guy.
-Claire: "I really don't understand what happened with Fit Guy, why is he not calling me?"
-Evie: "It's rather puzzling indeed as HE was the one chasing YOU, you did not really care. Until that night you gave in and now he gives no news??"
-Julie: "Well you know what, when my current squeeze wants to see me, he always texts me a very casual 'available tonight?' message. You should send that to Fit Guy"
-Evie: "Ah yes it's perfect, it's very casual so will not seem needy yet still very pro-active".

Now bear in mind we are about 1000 miles away from Hong Kong where Fit Guy is, and that arranging to meet anyone in Hong Kong that same night is simply not possible. But it still seemed like a good idea at the time.
So Claire decides to be super courageous and write the text anyway, nervously pressing the send button. We all stare at the phone for a few moments, all of us knowing that there is no way he will reply (because he is a man and we understand men and we know it won't work).

At that moment the phone beeps, a message!

It's Fit Guy!

He is saying :"Indeed it's been a long time, why not? What do you have in mind?".

-Claire: "Shit shit shit, what am I going to do now, am not in Hong Kong, he is going to think I am a fruit cake if I tell him 'Sorry can't make it any more, am 1000 miles away'". After a lot of very cunning thinking on our part, we managed to draw up a super clever response that in a way delayed the date without making Claire seem too much of a fool.

A few days later, out on a drinking night with some other friends, Claire texts Fit Guy again, saying "How about a dinner date one of these days". The next day he accepts, but then cancels at the last minute. Claire is quite devastaded, and confused.

I am on a business trip a couple of days after that, and receive a call from Claire:
-Claire: "I am going to die"
-Evie: "Why, what happened?Did you get news from Fit Guy?"
-Claire: "Yes. And I am going to die now. I called him"
-Claire: "Turns out it was the wrong Fit Guy, I have two people under the same name in my phone and have been texting the wrong one all along".



Charles in HK said...

You know Claire & Julie????

Evie said...

er if you mean the Claire and Julie from the depth of my imagination (in terms of names), YES!! you too? :-))

Charles in HK said...

small world!