Monday, 10 December 2007

To Do List

Christmas is creeping upon us all very slowly and it's the time children make their present lists, busy parents make their organise-your-party to do lists and most people start thinking about their good resolutions lists.

Well I have a to do list:

- My friend Tom
- The Young One
- Fernando the hot beach buddy
- A jazz musician.

Now, as you can see it's not so much a list of THINGS to do, but a list of men (cheeky grin).

To explain a little bit:

- TOM: a friend from back in Europe. I've always had a secret crush on him and last week we met up again. What a weird night. Without going too much into detail, let's say that I happened to be in a business trip, staying in a posh hotel and somehow we managed to have post-dinner drinks in my hotel lobby bar with a group of friends including Tom. And that somehow when a bunch of these friends left there was only Tom and me in my hotel lobby. We talked for hours and hours. Suddenly it was 4 am and he asked me if he could stay over in my room. As I am a very kind person by nature, really out of the kindness in my heart I said yes. We had 2.5 hours to sleep as I was in a series of Important Business Meetings the next day. And basically, the highlight of the evening was having someone else to brush my teeth with, because nothing happened. And I was really confused by the situation as I was quite sure I had picked up some signals from him. It's got me a bit worried too, why is it that the situation got so close yet so far from something? So now all I need to do is wait 6 months for the next opportunity to meet up to understand what this was about. Arghhhhhhhh.

- The Young One : is another friend who once stayed overnight purely-for-sleeping-as-it-was-too-late-to-go-back-home-and-nothing-strictly-nothing-happenened (what is wrong with me these days, why do I have all these men staying with me, and why do I let it always turn into a very ambiguous situation?). I am still undecided about what to do with him..

- Fernando the hot beach buddy: to give a reminder, this is my beach buddy from this summer. Well he got in touch by email last week, maybe I am a totally unforgettable beach buddy too and now all I have got to try to do is lure him to HK one of these days...

- a Jazz musician: there is something attractive about them, the way they create something at the tips of their fingers or their lips, I bet they would make very good boy friends, full of senstivity, mystery and fun. Now all I have got to do is to find one..


Cosima said...

That's quite the to-do-list. Better start early, to get it all done by Christmas :D

Evie said...

You mean Christmas 2008, right? Caus I need a bit of time :-)