Sunday, 30 December 2007

Sex, Drugs and Rock&Roll

Yup, that just about sums up my evening last Saturday. Let's look in detail at how the events unfolded.

11 pm - Evie's plane lands at HK airport (after having spent a week in an exotic country of Asia where I had most lovely X-mas and birthday eves).

12 pm - Evie gets home (only in Hong Kong you can be at your home exactly one hour after the plane lands)

12.30 pm - Evie gets to nightclub (only in Hong Kong you can be in a nightclub exactly one and a half hours after touchdown). Yes it's a bit crazy to go clubbing straight after coming back from vacation, but actually it works well, as after a holiday one is more relaxed, used to going to bed late and a bit tanned.

1.30 am - Ok actually maybe I should stop the timeline here because at this point it will be very approximate.
So let's cut to the chase, and explain the title of the post:

The Rock&Roll - Dancing, a lot of dancing. I spent part of the night standing on one of those podium thingies made for people to stand and dance on.

The Drugs - Ok in this case, as I have no interest to try anything harder, I am talking about champagne (we were all in a very celebratory mood), vodka, and cigarettes. Usually there are three signs that tell me that I am getting drunk: 1. I start to dance on one of those podium thingies made for people to stand and dance on. 2. I suddenly become a smoker (which I am not the rest of the time) and 3. I sit down in the toilet of the bar / club (to reach this stage I must be grade 3 drunk though, because I am usually very serious about never sitting down and rather doing the Hovering Pee, I should probably write a whole post about the technique and analyse its pros and cons).

The Sex - I may have at some point accidentally hooked up with a mysterious stranger, let's call him Club Guy. I should probably give Bill Clinton a call though to get his opinion, because even though no cigars were involved, it probably does not really count as sex.

So all in all the title of the post was a bit deceiving, but I still think it's a very decadent way to end the year. Although we have not finished the year fully..

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