Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year and all that

This is it, we are in 2008!! For the moment it does not feel very different from 2007. Except that it's an even-number year and I can sense something in the air which was not there before. Maybe there is a little more optimism in the atmosphere.

2007 was the year of change for me. 2008 is going to be the year of finding myself. And in order to help me get there I have drawn up the traditional new year's resolutions list:

- lose weight and be friends with the Ass again (yawn, old news)
- learn to speak Chinese (at least a little tiny bit)
- do as many things as I can from my things-to-do-before-being-thirty list
- take up a hobby like being part of a play or improvisation team
- explore Hong Kong inside and out, see all its nooks and crannies, do every single hike in the book
- enjoy more of HK's Kulture (with a K yes). See every single museum, go to concerts, operas, shows, and movies.
- learn the lyrics to at least 10 Beatles songs
- read more

Ok, this should keep me busy for a little while.


Princess of the Universe said...

Well the list on my blog should help you out with the "reading more" goal. :)

Alex said...

Happy 2008!

Just came across your blog.

Re learning Chinese (at least a lil bit), this may help you out.

You can learn to speak chinese through
free videos here at www.ChinaSpeak.com.au.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that it's not your garden variety lesson.


Happy 2008!


Evie said...

Thanks for the extra ideas. I am not very good with Canadian litterature so quite interested to find out more. And Alex your teaching technique does look like an interesting one..