Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year Schmew Year

Did we keep our new year's resolutions, only 2 days into the new year? Nooooooo, we did not, of course not.
- losing weight: I went to the gym last night, (it was a heroic effort to leave the house, believe me). Once I got there, gave my member card, got the locker key, went down to the lockers, started to get changed.. I realised: goddammit! I forgot the running shoes!! This was a sign, that I should go back home and stay there, I knew it..
- learning Chinese / reading more: I spent the whole day yesterday as well as my time after work tonight either sitting on the couch watching DVDs or going on the internet. Probably it's got to do with the fact I got a new couch this week and need to test it out fully you understand.
- Khulturing a bit more around HK: This one I have done a good job on: I've got tickets booked for a cinema outing, a pop concert and an opera concert, plus planned a hike with C for this Saturday.

Is it week end yet?

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