Friday, 4 January 2008

The underwear fiasco

A few days before New Year's eve I got some furniture delivered to my flat. I was in a big house-cleaning frenzy that day, eager to clear things before the year was over, it's all good karma you see. I did not get far in my cleaning but I did get a mountain of washing done, especially all my fragile underwear that needs to be handwashed. I laid it all in neat rows in my bathroom; it was a bit of boudoir atmosphere, with stockings here, bras straps there, panties everywhere.

I went about my business and forgot all about it. Then the door bell rang and the furniture delivery guys arrived. The first thing their boss said was:
- Can I please go to bathroom?
I said : "Sure". He ran there faster than I could say "Hey please wait a min.....".
The door slammed, too late.

So this guys must have had the bathroom experience of a lifetime in my bathroom!

Oh well at least I am glad someone got to see it all ;-)


Cinn-fully Delicious said...

OMG! That sounds like something I would do! Or have done, actually. I had just washed all my slinky panties and delicate bras and they were hanging and laid out in my bathroom. Then someone came over who was moving into my room in a few days and he and his friends were checking out the bathroom before I had a chance to tell him not to go in there ... Oops.

Evie said...

Haha, lucky at least it was slinky panties rather than the big grandmother-style ones :)