Monday, 3 December 2007

The week end of debauchery - that turned out quite tame

So this week end the scene was set for a week end of debauchery. Imagine this, three beautiful, sassy and single girls, going away for a week end staying with a couple of gay guys, in one of the world's Capitals of Night Life. Moreover, one of them had a Potential Date lined up and another was going to try to meet up with one of her old crushes.

The week end went extremely smoothly. Not much tourism, a lot of shopping, a lot of nightlife sampling and huge enourmous laughing sessions. The Dating missions were not quite accomplished though: the Potential Date turned out to be a bit boring, and the ex-crush disappeared at the last minute. But the week end still was a summit of deliriousness and all agreed to do it some time again soon.

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