Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Happy New Year, again!

Hong Kong is very busy getting ready to celebrate Chinese new year. It's a huge event and it feels like the last few days in December all over again: companies give 2 days off, people go on vacation or plan huge reunions with their families.
I am watching all this effervescence with a huge curiosity and am trying to adapt by making sure I stick to the traditions properly - for example I need to distribute money in red envelopes to the people who are employed to help me, for example the tea lady at work. And also I make sure that I do everything necessary to bring me good luck for this coming new year.

One of the things I did recently was go to a fortune teller. He told me many things, some good, some bad, but one of them was that in the next couple of years I was going to have to make a decision among the many men in my life and pick one. Because there was going to be a ton of them to chose from, especially this year. Am very impatient for the New Year to begin (this Thursday) so that the men can start flocking in. I even expect that as I open my door that day there will be a couple already standing outside my apartment :).

One of the reasons I have been AWOL lately is that I have been obsessing once more about my life as a single girl with lots of metaphysical questions about who am I, am I happy blahblahblah and did not want to post of one those posts again. So in the end I made a promise to myself: I will absolutely NOT become one of those women approaching or past 30 who are desperate to get a man. And who have this desperation seeping through their pores. Instead I will enjoy all the things I can do now while single, and I give myself 12 months, until Feb 5th 2008 to start to get a bit worried. But at the moment am going to behave like an irresponsible 18 year old because that is what I am at heart.

Year of the Rat, bring it on.

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pepito said...

Go girl !! have fun !