Thursday, 24 January 2008

What I learned today

Today was a bog-standard day, similar to so many days of my life. I still managed to learn from it:

- When I say to myself in the morning "Right, today am not eating any sugar nor greasy heavy food" I should never ever ever expect it to be true.
- Sushi can be a very greasy heavy lunch option
- It's possible to sit at a desk for 13 hours and still not get that much work done
- I have an embedded radar that can spot Le Poulet miles away in a street which enables me to successfully avoid him
- I manage to put on eye shadow quite fetchingly if I put a bit of effort into it
- I am about to get into trouble for forgetting to pay my Amex bill. Again.
- People in my building now talk to each in the elevator now. They actually smile broadly and say "Good evening" to each other. Even Stroppy and Tall Guy.

Nah that last point was a joke. Of course they don't - that would be breaking the number 1 rule of Elevator Behaviour.

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