Thursday, 24 January 2008

Naked Guy

No, before anyone asks, this was not someone in my bed. And before anyone asks I promise I am not making this up. (Even if I tried it would not be as good).

From my building driveway I can see very well into flats of the building accross the road (it's quite low rise building with only a handful of floors). Very often when I get home late (not to say rolling uphill drunk) I stop in the driveway and have a good look at the Naked Guy who lives on the Nth floor of that building. It's quite an eye candy, very handy before going to sleep :-). I can of course only assume that he is totally naked because his window stops at waist level and thus it's only a partial view. (Frustrating, obviously).

The other night I was out having a drink and ran into a Folp. A FOLP is actually a Friend Of Le Poulet. There are a few lurking about in this city and one can never be too careful about what one is saying in that sort of environment. Anyway I had a polite chat which sort of went like this:

- how are you blah blah blah blah
- fine blah blah blah
- FOLP: So where do you live these days?
- Evie: Oh I found the dream flat on C Street
- FOLP: Seriously? I live on C Street! What number are you at? I am at number 2
- Evie: No Way! I am at number 1. Hold on a sec, is your building no the low rise one above Such and Such shop?
- FOLP: That's the one
- Evie: Cool! Hey you know there is a Naked Guy living in that building. What floor do you live on?
(For some reason a life-saving instinct kicked in and told me not to give more information. Not. Give. More. Info).
- FOLP: Nth. Where does Naked Guy live?
(Nth??? That's Naked Guy's floor!! Maybe they are neighbours?)
- Evie: Er I think he was higher than that. Hey do you live on the right or left hand side of the Nth floor?
- FOLP: There is only one flat per floor.
Oh. My. God. I am actually talking to Naked Guy!

At least the conversation could have taken a much worse turn with me blurting out straight away that I oggle this Naked Guy who lives on the Nth floor, FOLP would have said "wait a minute, that's me" and that would have been just lovely.

Come to think of it, it's true I never really got a good look at his face..


Charles in HK said...

Classic story... very funny. Glad that you are being alert!

Evie said...

I feel I am turning into a ware these days..