Thursday, 14 February 2008

Saint Valenzillah

Despite my optimism this week, it seems like today has turned me into St Valenzillah. First of all I day dreamed all day about a surprise bouquet of flowers beingn delivered to me (sent from a non-existing imaginary ghost?). Then I caught myself giving the evil eye to every single girl in our office who was receiving flowers. And this is Hong Kong, the land of kitsh and commercialism, so you can be assured the office was full of flowers. Then at lunchtime I passed a jewellery store full of men gazing at the pretty stones they were planning to buy for their women, and I actually walked in there and declared to myself "Evie does not need a man to get jewellery, she can buy it herself". For a split second I was determined to spend hundreds of dollars (US) just to prove the point to myself. Fortunately common sense kicked in. And also the fact I don't particularly like jewellery. Then when I left the office tonight I was practically doing a James Bond style walk keeping my back to the wall and looking left and right in order to make sure I did not bump into Le Poulet, who happens to work near my office and I was very afraid to stumble upon him meeting up with a hypothetical St Valentine's date precisely at the moment I was walking past (I am pretty sure he had a date lined up for tonight, the eejit!). That would have totally ruined my day, no, week, no, year, no, life.
Then I went to this St V party thing which was nice but I was in such a foul mood that I did not feel like talking to new people, so stuck to gossiping with my friends A and K. And anyway the guy sitting next to me was a jerk (or did I perceive him being a jerk because I was sending off such bad mood vibes that anyone in my vicinity would have turned toxic anyway).
If I could write my astrology for this week in restrospect I would say "This week better to stay at home and hide under your duvet".
The good news though is that tomorrow am heading for a fun girlie week end to Bangkok, full of shopping, gossiping, and who knows what more. Ah yes and planning the come back of my previously characteristic good mood.

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Cinn said...

Sounds like we had equally disappointing Valentine's Days. Oh well. I'm glad you made it through with your sanity and all your money! :)