Monday, 11 February 2008

St V minus 3 days

I can see it from the corner of my eye, ready to pounce on me: St Valentine's, aka singleton'szilla. (It's like Godzilla but it swallows up single people all in one go).
It's my first StV in a long time and contrary to expectations it does not make me sad or nostalgic. The 14th of February with Le Poulet was always a non-event, he always made a point to remind me that it did not mean anything, that we were in a cool relationship that did not need that sort of artificial commercialism.

Well this year I am going to no less than two parties to celebrate this artificial commercialism. Once on the 13th (why there is a St V celebration on the 13th, I have no idea) and then another on the 14th (that's more like it). I am attending both events with a bunch of friends with whom I am looking forward to having one of those evenings where you can laugh yourself silly and have a bit of boogie as if nobody is watching.

On a side note my mood is considerably lifted and I am pretty sure it's something to do with my new obsession of going to the gym where 1. I can get the Ass in a proper shape again (the motivation is visualising myself on one of those junk boats in Hong Kong this summer) and 2. where I can catch up on all the episodes of Heroes while on the treadmill. Am totally hooked to both the sports chemicals and the series.


Charles in HK said...

Gym & Heroes sounds like a good combo. Have a fab time on Valentine's.

Nicey said...

The gym is good, the gym is your friend, put in the hard yards !

Evie said...

I am not sure sure, Gym and Heroes turned into Chocolate and Work this week. Next week I will do better..