Friday, 4 April 2008

How to have the best week end of your life - Part 1

I think I have somewhat psychic powers. Sounds mad but there are a few instances where I had strong gut feelings which turned out to be proved right. For example, when celebrating the new year 2007 I spent the whole night repeating to people "2007 is the year of change, 2007 is the year of change". Little did I know at the time that my prediction would prove increbibly true, as that year I ended up changing jobs, moving to Asia, breaking up with Le Poulet, and basically there was little that did not change.

A couple of years ago I went out for beers with some colleagues of mine that I did not know very well. It was mid-January. For some reason I told one of them "I don't know why but I think you will have a really good February love-life wise". He looked at me quite flabbergasted and said "I am getting married on St Valentine's". Freaky, heih? (And why am I not ditching my job to start doing this full time and earning millions?).

Anyhow, I had one of those predictions again yesterday. I went to see a gig with DJ Tiesto (world-famous-most-known-DJ-in-the-world). It was a bit of rave actually, as he was mixing in the middle of a field somewhere out of town, playing a mix of techno-trance music. Not my usual scene and the night was going to be a bit of a long shot, given my friends and I like to dance but to techno music only in small doses.

Before the party I had my revelation: "Tonight is going to be either a totally rubbish night, or an absolutely fabulous one. But not an average so-so one". The start of the night seemed to point toward the former option. We took a shuttle bus for what seemed forever and were soon standing in the middle of the field. The music was quite hard core techno, and we stood there in the rain watching the crowd heaving to the music. There was an incredible energy in that crowd, it made me want to smile - and I was not pill popping! Many people looked like they were though, we spotted quite a few who looked a bit like zombies. Anyhow we decided to hit the bar for a drink, maybe that would help to get into the atmosphere, but the bar only sold soft drinks and water! We started laughing, seeing the funny side of being stuck in a field, in pouring rain, listening to techno music we could not get into, watching people who were either born with techno in their blood and dancing naturally, or totally wasted on alcohol and drugs, when we could not even buy ourselves a beer!

However, standing there, suddenly I flet my feet tapping to the music. I let myself dance a bit, and looked around at my friends who looked a bit more enthusiastic about the music as well. We were getting into it! At that point I thought maybe the night was not going to be such a failure after all. And then I felt someone coming danse closer to me on my right, turned around, and was greeted by a beautiful smile from a handsome stranger. I smiled back.

To be continued.


Charles in HK said...

Sounds great... looking forward to hearing about the "to be continued!"

Cosima said...

Don't leave us hanging, Evie!!!

Evie said...

Didn't mean to make the suspense unbearable, just needed time o recover from the week end and then got swallowed up by life! To be continued shortly..