Tuesday, 29 April 2008

How to have the best week end of your life - Part 2

Clearly he was totally drunk/stoned/mad as a hatter. I mean, why else would he come and speak to me outright? I am so unused to beautiful strangers talking to me, it sort of freaked me out and when he said "Would you like to join me and my friends?" I chickened out and said "erm yes sure, why don't you find them first and then we find you guys". This was in a crowd of thousands of people - needless to say we never managed to bump into them again - there went my chance to hone my skills at seducing beautiful (drunk) strangers. Note to self: next time a guy asks me to join his friends, say "Yes that would be lovely", not "wooooow I am freaked out by such an appealing proposal but am too shy to say yes".

This said the rest of the party was quite fun, well in not too large doses because there is only so much hard core techno music three rock chicks can take, so we decided to leave relatively early. I was still determined to make the night a success, and instead of going home we decided to head to town, and it turned into one of those nights that has a good vibe: we met some people, got into trendy nightclubs (given our techno-party-in-a-field attire that in itself was a miracle). The highlight of the night was discovering a cool little bar full of Spanish people.. Ever since my encounter with Fernando the Hot Beach Buddy last summer I have been somewhat partial to Spanish men :).

What's even better, the Spanish guys invited us on a boat trip the following day. How much better could the week end get? And then suddenly, it dawned on me: the next day I had already accepted an invitation to a barbeque party of a friend of a friend. The guy is very nice but I know it would not quite be the same, so I was facing a dilemna: either spending the day on a boat with half clothed hot Spanish guys, but having to cope with the guilt of turning down a previously agreed to engagement with someone I appreciate, or going to this bbq which was going to be full of married couples with their kids but at least it would be with a clean conscience. Mind you, I have nothing against married couples with kids but when it comes to making a choice between them and a boat full of half naked Spaniards, you can't blame me for hesitating!

What is a girl to do?

I leave this mini cliff hanger of unbearable suspence but promise I'll be back soon to tell the rest of the tale :-)


Charles in HK said...

okay, hold on... "soon" in MY books is not the same as "soon" in your books!!

Evie said...

The trouble is... you are right. Bad bad blogger Evie.